Don’t lose your clients to your lenders…

Having just passed our 15th year in business and after years of helping brokers with their marketing over this time, two important things happened last month that we thought were worth mentioning.

The first, if you saw our video on Facebook recently, was about the power of paper.

– Mail Chimp announced last month that they are now providing a post card service as QUOTE “Say hi in real life with printed post cards”.


– We received an envelope in my letter box from Google promoting Google AdWords.

Now if the leading online agencies in the world are promoting and using the good old ‘pop it in the post’ strategy, what does that say for all this online marketing? Is it working? Does it need help?

And what does YCM have to say about that?
Nothing that we already haven’t been saying for the last 15 years… Use it!

Now of course we are not going to suggest that you should not be using online marketing because it obviously has its place. But it makes us smile every time we see these larger marketing companies recommending the use of post as a way of gaining attention and communicating to your clients via MAIL.

We don’t need to rant on about that, you all know YCM’s thoughts on print based communication.

To our other thought of the month…

We often laugh in our office with great pride as other marketing companies come out with topics and issues that we have already released.

A few days ago we saw a subject heading that was nearly the same as ours for the December email campaigns.

The problem this time was, we had not sent ours out yet. So who was sneaking a peek at our campaigns we thought…

Well to my surprise it was actually an email campaign from one of the major lenders whom I have finance with.

I used to receive email campaigns from another BIG lender about 4 years ago, however it was inconsistent and dropped off after a while.

This one scared me a little.

Although the messages were to small business owners, my thoughts immediately went back to some workshops I delivered when I first started in this business. I used to say to brokers, “You are very lucky that the banks haven’t worked it out yet that all they need to do is look after their clients and they wouldn’t need to advertise so much.”

In the past they haven’t really communicated well to their clients (other than trying to cross-sell insurance products), and they don’t really service customers that great at all. It’s keeping you all in your business.

When I saw this email campaign, with pretty good content I might add, and written in a way that may even appeal to the consumer, I started worrying about the broker market. If the lenders start sending out regular communication and engagement pieces, what’s going to happen to YOUR business?

You have enough on your plate to worry about with the industry changes, tighter regulation and harder servicing criteria without having to now also worry about the lenders communicating AND marketing to YOUR clients.

If this is going to be the new trend from the BIG 4, AND you are a broker who sends your clients to the BIG 4, AND you are a broker who does not stay in touch with your clients, we are really worried about the future of your business.

NOW more than EVER, is the time to ensure you have the BEST client communication strategies in place, the best client engagement strategies AND the best client retention tools available to you.

Once that deal settles with your lender, and they start staying in touch with YOUR CLIENT, good luck with your retention.

So what can you do?

STOP using the lenders who stay in touch with YOUR CLIENTS? – unlikely!

Have a better connection strategy to promote loyalty and longevity with your clients – sounds like a great idea to us!

Ensure YOUR brand, YOUR face, YOUR logo AND YOUR commitment to your clients’ finance are TOP OF MIND – regular, consistent and professional.

If your marketing and client communication needs a facelift or some attention, then have a chat to YOUR YCM marketing team to see how we can help and improve your client: Attraction, Engagement AND Retention by using the industry’s leading marketing tools, systems and strategies to protect your business from other influences.

We cannot control what the lenders do or send to your clients.
But we can control and implement a diverse range of communication and engagement strategies for you to ensure your clients will come back AND refer their family and friends.

To learn more about the YCM marketing program watch our video on how YCM can accelerate your business next year under the Webinars section on our website.

We look forward to helping you make 2019 ‘simply the best!’
Don’t leave it too long.

Our brand new competition has opened and is already making an impact on our marketing partners’ diaries.
Why not fill yours as well?

Sending you best wishes for the festive season and all our marketing love for the new year.
Safe travels, rest up and get ready for a fabulous year ahead.

From your YCM marketing team.

Call the office now on (02) 9526 9999 to have a FREE – NO OBLIGATION – chat with one of our expert marketing strategists.


Now is the winter of our dis-content

That is the famous opening line to the William Shakespeare play Richard III (1592).

Alone, the line is a bit confusing.

Is Shakespeare saying that winter means the end of the year and spring is just around the corner? If so, the quote means that we’ve been in the cold harsh winter but we are near the end of our unhappiness.

Or is Shakespeare trying to say that our unhappiness is like winter: cold and gloomy?1

How does this relate to business and marketing in the finance industry?

Interpretation 1

– We are near the end of our unhappiness… and the wonderful summer is upon us!

You could say that after a bleak start to 2018 (apparently) in the land of loan writing we are heading into a new ‘glorious’ season – spring followed by summer – typically a season of buying and selling homes. The last 6 months of the year of activity should lead to a run of good loan writing and a fabulous end to the year. All those purchases in the first half of the year with long settlements will now transform into business after a long cold wait through winter…


Interpretation 2

– Our business and marketing unhappiness is cold and gloomy?

We could determine Richard III’s deformity as a metaphor for our own marketing practices.

‘And that so lamely and unfashionable.’

We put up with less than perfect communication, our marketing is cold and gloomy and we sit under the covers and shelter of the known rather than challenge ourselves with the unknown, take the risk and emerge fortuitous, prosperous, to finish glorious – at least.

Is it ‘de’ content that lacks inspiration for your clients to engage?
Is it ‘de’ lack of call to actions?
Is it ‘de’ lack of support in helping you grow your business?
Is it ‘de’ lack of lead generation from your marketing that is lacking?

Whether it is ‘dis’-content or ‘dat’-content we all know ‘de’-content that engages your audience is the difference between the two interpretations.

Confused? With your marketing?
Then call YCM now to ensure your business is made glorious by summer.

YCM – your content ‘KING!’

Converting leads into loans

Deena Janes – Marketing specialist for the finance industry – Your Client Matters

I speak with many brokers on a daily basis and I always find it interesting when I ask them about their lead conversion. I thought I would share my observations and thoughts but first I wanted to share this..


48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect
25% of sales people make a second contact and stop
12% of sales people only make 3 contacts and stop
Only 10% of sales people make more than 3 contacts
2% of sales are made on the first contact
3% of sales are made on the second contact
5% of sales are made on the third contact
10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Whether you purchase leads or generate leads yourself, there are common elements to the success of the lead (or not).

I hear from MOST brokers who purchase leads – “they’re not very good”. Then I eventually end up chatting with brokers who purchase the leads from the same lead source and they tell me “the leads are awesome”.

It’s the same when I ask about Facebook leads, competition leads, leads from events, internet… WHEREVER.

What is it that makes the difference?
After over 20 years of being a professional sales person, a trainer and manager of sales teams, I will tell you exactly what makes the difference…

It’s the approach you take.

Make a customer, not a sale!
Katherine Barchetti

When I ask (even the most experienced broker) “Tell me what you said when you followed up the lead”, over 80% of brokers go straight into ‘sales mode’ and ask them to book an appointment. Hey! They don’t even know you yet and you’re trying to meet up with them to talk about a loan???

I am sure you have all heard it before, but you have to build a reputation first with a new prospect – and you have to do that fast. And believe it or not, that can be done in a few seconds, a few minutes and of course over a period of time. DEPENDING on what comes out of your mouth.

What is their ‘why’?
Now I am not saying that all leads are good either. I get that there are tyre kickers. However, I am a firm believer that if someone bothered to connect with you or leave their details – they did so for a reason. When you find out what that reason is – then you will be on your way to building a new friend of your business, and at some stage that friend will become a client.

– Some will be business for today (next few weeks)
– Some will be business for tomorrow (next few months)
– And MOST will be business for the future (6-12 months).

“People leave businesses.
They don’t leave relationships”

You have more than likely also heard that people buy from people who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

So when you are purchasing leads from a lead generation company, paying for leads through Facebook or Google ads or gaining leads from your other marketing activities, the KNOW is the hardest of all – they DON’T know you.
The LIKE and TRUST should be easy. Provided you do it correctly.

For the past few years, and for most of last year, most finance businesses (except for the Perth market) were not struggling for leads. However for most of this year I am noticing that lead generation is becoming more topical again while the finance industry and property market continue the uncertainty, speculation, disparity across the country and just plain confusion of your clients.

So I “hear” not only gaining a new lead is becoming a little harder, but converting them somewhat more so.

If you think converting leads is hard, OR NOT, you will be correct!

So, what are the basic steps in building a quick rapport with a new unknown lead?

If you have a day or more you can google and find thousands of experts suggesting what to do. Most are pretty good and very common:
– Matching and mirroring
– Body posture and gestures
– Rhythm of breath
– Energy levels
– Tone and pace
– Finding common ground
– Being empathetic
– Opening the conversation with a warm up
– Listening and being approachable
– Maintaining a positive attitude
– And the list goes on.

All great tips by the way. Use them.

At the end of the day one of the best strategies I have been taught and recommend you to also use is the strategy of ‘pattern break’. Do what they DON”T expect.

Everyone expects you to try to sell them something when they have left their details to be contacted. We all know that’s the rule. So DON’T!

Why not just start a conversation that actually shows interest in them and aim to understand and relate to them. Let them do the talking – allow yourself to lean out.

When you lean out – they lean in. It’s a natural and instinctual behaviour pattern.

Some examples could be…

Following up a lead from a lead generation company…
“Hi [name]
It’s Deena here from xxx lending.
You left your details on xxx suggesting you could be interested in obtaining a great finance deal.

I’m just checking in with you today to see if I can make your life easier so you don’t have to spend so much time on the internet looking for great finance deals then getting bombarded with phone calls the next day.

How are you going researching the online finance options? Had any success yet?”

Following up from an open home with your real estate agent referral partner…
“Hi [name]
It’s Deena here from xxx finance. We met on the weekend at the open house in Abcdef Street through [agent company].

I won’t keep you long as I’m guessing you’ve been hounded by agents all day following up to see if you want to buy their property. How many open homes did you look through on the weekend?

Low number – so are you just in the beginning stages of looking or you just didn’t find the right properties to look at?

High number – Gee, that means you may have been speaking to lots of real estate agents. Have you come across [agent]? I’ve been working with [him/her] for a while now and [he’s/she’s] actually really nice…

Anyway, the reason for my call isn’t actually about you buying property. I’m just calling to say thank you. And to check in with you to see if anyone is sending you reliable property and finance information that you can rely on without the pressure from a real estate agent?

I’ve got a property report for suburbs in the area and I just wanted to touch base to see if you’re interested in receiving a free gift from me about the property you were looking at or for your own home (my free publication on the latest finance and property news or something you can give away that doesn’t cost much).

Is that something you would find interesting [name]?”
Grab their address and email details and pop them on your CRM to receive your regular updates.

If the conversation leads to chatting about their home loan, then that’s fine. Otherwise send them a gift and follow up a few days after you know it would have arrived and ask them what they thought. Then offer them another freebie. Or tell them to visit your website calculators if they ever wanted to check out their finance options.

Send your mobile phone business card for them to save in their phone – for any finance emergency. Have fun with them and enjoy the future benefits…

Once you are on to your fifth contact then you are well on your way to building a client and business friend for life…

Picking up the phone and calling a stranger is one of the hardest things anyone in business has to do. After all – you didn’t sign on to be a telemarketer did you? But I’m guessing you did sign on to help people improve their financial position.

If you’ve ever had a consult with me, you will know that we usually have a laugh about something before I try to engage. Or even sell you something. Because I, like you, want to have a business friend to work with who knows, likes and trusts me. And more importantly, business should be FUN!

The only constant is change

How will the changes in social media marketing affect your business?

As you would have read recently, Facebook announced the biggest algorithm change in years.  Users will see more content from friends and family in their news feeds, and less from brands and publishers.

So what impact will that have on business content marketing?

The short answer is…time will tell.  But what we do know is that marketing and lead generation, is ever changing and evolving and always will be.  Like many other strong businesses and brands (think Apple) Facebook continues to develop their product.

Facebook brand pages took off in 2007, then came ‘becoming a fan’ in 2009.  Then followed contests and promotions, storefronts and ads.  Their evolution continues.

Demand for and cost of Facebook advertising is expected to increase with the decline in organic reach and ‘downgrading’ of news feed content from brands and publishers.

We will continue to see developments and changes in marketing and social media.  Think messenger marketing, message bots, artificial intelligence, personalisation technologies, and the list will always go on…

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Although Your Client Matters is a huge supporter of the Facebook platform for the finance industry, we have always supported (since the evolution of email marketing) that the key is to invest in not just one marketing platform, but many.  Multi-channel marketing has been around for ever, and will continue to be the case.

Just like we can no longer live with one simple IT solution to run your business, we can also no longer be dependent on any one marketing medium.

Each marketing channel will morph and adapt to changing times and communication consumption habits.

Look at email marketing.  Marketing automation plays a huge role in expanding the use of this marketing medium.  Headlines such as “Pssst, you still joining us?”, “Just following up” and “You haven’t checked out your shopping basket” are all subject lines we are seeing in our inboxes thanks to marketing automation.

So too will personalisation technologies.  Marketo in their 2018 Marketing Predictions report states that this year personalisation across channels will no longer be an option but rather an expectation from customers…more ch-ch-changes.

To adapt to these (constant) changes in marketing and social media, we suggest a multi-channel marketing program.  Think email marketing, as well as website, blog, video, audio…

Not all channels will suit your business, audience or your budget (or ours for that matter), but it is important to be aware of the changes in technology, your audiences communication consumption, and demographic shifts.

Multi-channel marketing

    • Email marketing – including automation, oh and personalisation!
    • Lead magnets – however building trust is crucial
    • Websites – will continue to be a ‘go-to place’ to convey your brand, services and knowledge – but hey – make sure it is mobile friendly
    • Blogs and articles – have a (consistent) say on topics of interest to your audience
    • Facebook newsfeed – ‘See first on Facebook’ – the ‘see first’ setting in Facebook will allow your audience to see your latest and greatest content in their newsfeed, but they have to turn it on!
    • Closed Facebook groups – to build a highly engaged community of individuals interested in your business, but consistency and value is key
    • Print magazine – still proven to achieve high open rates. It’s hard to avoid a glossy and engaging educational experience in your letterbox!
    • Video – has been booming across social channels for the past couple of years.  In Buffer’s The State of Social 2018 report, it states 85% of businesses are keen to create more video this year.  And interestingly, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos
    • Messenger – As organic social media reach declines, greater numbers of marketers will experiment with messaging apps as a way to connect with their audience
    • Podcast – for those of your audience that tend to listen (rather than read) on their commute or on in the background when they’re at the gym

YCM does not profess you should have all of these right now in your business, or ours. BUT we are super excited about the plans we have for YOU and YOUR Clients via the YCM marketing offerings this year.

Mashable Australia:-
Buffer:- The State of Social 2018 Report:

Your 7 step marketing plan

Everyone knows that the beginning of a new year calls for a review of the past 12 months and planning for the future… We hope our 7 step marketing plan will help you gain a head start for the year. Good luck!

1. Set your goals

The TOP 3 things you will need to achieve your goals this year will depend on your current phase of business.

Growth phase – you will need

  1. Lead generation strategies
  2. Training for top conversion
  3. Additional resources and/or technology to manage new enquiry

Maintenance phase – you will need

  1. A professional client education and communication program
  2. A range of communication and touch points
  3. Systems to ensure low maintenance

Diversification phase – you will need

  1. Accreditation and training on your new products
  2. Strategies for cross-selling to existing clients
  3. Client education on new product and services

Retirement phase – you will need

  1. Everything in the ‘maintenance phase’ above
  2. A planned exit strategy (succession planning, systems, procedures, accountability)
  3. Marketing results analysis to improve the pending sale price or to maximise the ongoing retention of your businesss

2. Find new business

Everyone seems to be looking online for their next lead. AND spending a lot of money trying to achieve this: Google AdWords™, SEO, Facebook advertising…

We suggest you start by examining where your clients came from last year, then increase your activity in those areas that were most successful.

Most finance businesses survive on referrals from existing clients.

I always find it to be an interesting exercise when I ask this question in my workshop sessions. Over 99% of people tell me they get 80+% of their business from referrals, however when I ask them to do the calculation of how many of their client base actually refer it is ALWAYS between 2-5%.

MOST of your business comes from existing clients, however most of your client base DOES NOT REFER TO YOU…

So where is your BIGGEST lead generation opportunity THIS YEAR?
From your EXISTING client base and your business partners.

Consider the strategies you can put in place to increase your referral rates. You are actually really good at this already – so just ask more often and put some systems in place to make it easier for you.

If you have a low referral rate then you need our help. If you don’t have a large client base, then you also need our help.

3. Connect with your audience

There are many ways to stay in touch and connect with your target market. Consider a range of these mediums:

Print media

This is now the most ‘cut through’ communication medium you can invest in. Do not dismiss this old but still proven method of client education and engagement.

While everyone’s inbox is cluttered, why not stand out and pop something in a letter box directly to your clients? At least it will get opened!

Email marketing

A must for all businesses.

Explore how YOU can be different this year and cut through all the online clutter. Think about the content you need to create to gain a better readership and open rates. How good are your calls to action (CTAs)? Investigate the system you use to analyse your open rates and learn about how you can get more action from email marketing.


Everyone has a mobile permanently attached to their hand. Think about creative ways to engage your clients this year via SMS to fill your diary with a click.

YCM has a range of SMS campaigns to fill your diary fast!


I am sorry to say that if your website is 4 years old or more it’s time to dump it and get a new one.

What content can you use to create downloadable factsheets for your website? Remember to request client details before they access it. Name, email address AND their mobile number.

Digital and online marketing

You will need to obtain great content and graphics (with copyright privileges), engaging CTAs AND a way to capture data from your online followers.

Plan your education to keep up to date this year with social media and technology to increase your digital footprint.


Podcasts are becoming popular amongst brokers and planners to connect with new audiences. Research how can you turn your great content into awesome podcasts.


I’m backing that videos will be another winning client communication medium that will get even bigger this year. Start thinking about how you can use videos to gain more business awareness and activity.

4. Educate your clients

We have all heard that ‘content is KING’. THINK about how YOUR CONTENT will stand out from the crowd. Why will your readers want to connect with you? What don’t they know that you can teach them? How can you help them with their finance challenges? Learn strategies to use content in ways that no one else does.

Is your content different to your other 2,000 broking friends?

5. Plan the activity required for success

Who will do the work?

YOU? If so:

  • Block out time to learn what to do and how to do it
  • Block out time to do the activities
  • Develop a plan to ensure that the marketing activity will still be actioned, delivered and followed up when you get busy…

The easiest way to lose a client is to NOT call them back!

STAFF? If so:

  • Block out time to build the processes and train them
  • Create and develop systems in case of staff turnover and illnesss
  • Make sure they are working on the day you want the marketing delivered and followed up
  • Plan your marketing around your holidays if you can

OUTSOURCE? Ask yourself:

  • Should I use a professional company that has the knowledge, experience AND understands your industry (know anyone?)
  • Do they have the knowledge, skills, resources and time to produce and deliver on your behalf?
  • Will they maintain consistency when you are busy and your staff are away?
  • Can they help and support your business when times are tough? (But you need to let them know you need help!)

6. Track and measure your results

ALWAYS measure your responses and results. Remember not all business will come from the first campaign or marketing activity.

Education and relationships take a while to nurture. A call today that may lead nowhere has a higher chance of conversion later on IF you STAY in touch on a regular basis and via many methods.

But don’t over communicate!

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients. How many times would you want to hear from your broker/planner?

7. Set up accountability structures

If you don’t have someone to hold you accountable there is greater risk that you will not achieve your goals.

Find someone who will keep you accountable to your goals this year!

Who will it be?

You? Your partner? A staff member? An industry colleague? Your coach or mentor? YCM???

The key to writing more loans – educating your clients

As business owners, it is a juggle to generate leads, process loans and think about how and when to engage with clients for future income.

In the world of finance, it is easy to assume our clients know what they need and when they need it. It is easier to believe clients will call when they need you than it is for you to pick up the phone and ask them how their circumstances are going and if they are reaching their financial goals.

If only there were more hours in the day

If you had more hours in the day, would you call your clients and say….

“Now that your kids have left home, how about we get you into that investment property you have always wanted?”

“Now that you have paid off that car loan, we can help you start your investment portfolio.”

Most loan writers feel uncomfortable about ‘chasing the loan’. BUT what if there were an easier way to bring your business forward? Well there is…

Through educating your clients

The key to writing more loans is to educate your clients, be relevant and stay top of mind. This is important for future repeat business. It is easy to lose touch with clients and lose future income. We regularly see property owners switching brokers over time when their circumstances change and they are ready to re-invest or upgrade because the broker has lost contact and they are no longer top of mind with the client.

While staying in touch may sound obvious, it is not as easy as you may think – otherwise everyone would be doing it.

We all try to educate our clients by sending newsletters or articles of interest.

With all of these things we do, how many of us stop and think about what messages and information we should send as opposed to sending something that that sounds good and is within our budget?

How many articles are simply that – articles?

  • Do your articles educate your clients sufficiently that they start to challenge their own thinking, but not too much so that they go away and make their own decisions with you?
  • Do your articles back your education with a good ‘call to action’ to get that phone ringing?
  • Do your articles encourage clients to educate themselves further, leaving them begging for more information and support in their decision making?

A really good education process is one that:

  • Encourages engagement from your client
  • Creates enough interest to enquire more
  • Generates business for you – perhaps even bringing the business forward before it was going to happen

Do you have the time and the right content?

We know as business owners it is hard enough to get the loans processed, let alone having to think about how and when to engage our clients with good education and calls to action.

While you keep doing what you are good at, let us take the worry out of your marketing and client education. If you need some help in this area, we would be delighted to have a chat with you.

If you already have someone doing your marketing for you, then you need to pose the question to yourself… Are they creating the engagement you are looking for, or are they simply sending out articles and posts?

Your Client Matters has been providing marketing and education services for the finance industry for over 13 years and we have proven results from our marketing initiatives and processes.

We go beyond posting industry announcements and press articles. Our unique content, education and training is why we are different.

If we can be of any help, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. Otherwise, good luck with your business. We hope you are achieving your desired results from your marketing activities.

If you would like to know more about educating your clients, contact your YCM marketing team on 1300 926 000 for a personal chat.



Why my first 7 brokers missed out on over $1M in up front and trail commission…

Now I am sure most of you have heard my story that over the last 20 years I have bought 10 properties and used 8 mortgage brokers to get me those loans?

If you do some rough sums on the upfront and trail commissions you’d be sitting on as my first broker, you’d calculate a six figure upfront commission experience and a trail income that is more than the average Aussie wage.

Not only have I used brokers for my own finance, I have referred hundreds of clients to brokers (when I was a real estate agent) – including my friends and family.

If you add that up we are now talking about a seven figure commission and trail experience!

So even though I enjoyed meeting and gaining finance from all of the brokers I used and referred clients to, only 2 of them ever stayed in touch with me.

One of them, I purchased this business from, and the other I sold our marketing program so she would stay in touch with me (or her other clients at least).

So if someone like me – who started out as a high school teacher in Adelaide – can end up buying 10 properties (after a few career and location changes) and referring hundreds of people to brokers, then how many people are in YOUR loan book who have lost your details and have gone back to the bank or moved on to other brokers?

My guess is perhaps a few?

So what could John, my first broker, (or any of the others) have done to keep my business and get all of my referrals?

1.    At our first appointment make sure I have added his mobile phone number into my phone. (Yes, we did have mobiles back then!)

2.    Asked me at our first meeting what my future plans were… and that was to keep buying properties as often as I could afford to, so I would have a financially secure future. Then…

3.    Call me once a year for a review chat OR just a call to see how my plans are going.

4.    Keep me updated on investment opportunities or educate me on how to invest, pay down my mortgage, use my equity or many other useful tips for getting ahead.

5.    Introduce me to a great accountant (it took me nearly 20 years to find one of those) who understood property investment, structuring and tax minimisation.

6.    Make sure I had adequate insurance to cover my debt in the event of illness or injury.

But… essentially all he had to do was stay in touch and be top of mind when events and circumstances changed in my life. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well you know what? It’s not as easy as it sounds. I now understand that.

Being a broker these days is such an all-consuming job with enormous amounts of administration, regulation, changes and updates that it is really, really hard to also stay on top of your education and contact with your clients.

That’s why most brokers outsource their marketing and client communication.

Now if you were to consider outsourcing this component of your business, then who can you trust to understand what your clients need to know such as:
•    what events are happening in your clients lives that will trigger them to call you, and
•    how to get referrals from all your clients?

Being a smart business owner/operator, you would expect to only trust a team of people:
•    from all age brackets and demographics
•    who have used banks and brokers
•    who have events happening in their lives every single day that require finance solutions
•    who understand what it takes to be a broker and how hard it is to do everything yourself, and
•    are trained in the art of exceptional customer service

•    Who work for the best marketing company in Australia specialising in marketing and client communication for the finance industry?

We are hoping the decision is quite clear.

If you are:
•    concerned about not staying in touch with your clients and referral partners, or
•    have a poor or a less professional communication program than your business and your clients deserve


If you are:
•    overworked
•    time poor
•    customer centric
•    needing better results and engagement from your efforts

then it would be a great idea for us to have a chat.

We understand what you need, because we ARE YOUR CLIENTS.

Call for your FREE client marketing health check today on 1300 926 000. We will give you an honest appraisal of your marketing and lead you in the right direction for effective improvements for your clients and your business.

After all,  doesn’t YOUR CLIENT deserve the best?

Looking forward to hearing from you…



I didn’t want to bother you but…

How much business do you lose every single month because your client ‘didn’t want to bother you’?

I see and hear every single day brokers looking for new leads.

I also speak with consumers of loans every single day who are renovating and spending lots of money that should be sitting in their offset account. But they tell me that when they need a top up of their loan they go straight back to the lender that YOU put them in.

You know what happens next don’t you! No more trail.

When I ask them why they haven’t contacted their broker, their response is “Oh, I didn’t want to bother them”.

Then I have to explain why they should immediately contact their broker and stop dealing with the bank.

The next question of course I have to ask them is “Does your broker stay in touch with you?”

Nearly 100% of the time the answer is “no”.

In this day and age with technology, outsourcing and mobile phones I find it amazing that some brokers are still too busy to implement a client communication system to stay in touch with their clients.

I am concerned that everyone is looking for a quick fix, a new website, some fancy and expensive online or digital strategy to bring in additional leads – and we aren’t even looking after and chatting to the people who we have already met.

When we ask “How are you?” We always answer “Busy”.

No wonder we leave the impression that we are too busy for our clients to bother us…

Check your trail drop off, then call the YCM marketing team to discuss how we can maintain and grow your trail and protect your business from decline.

I’m am sure you have all heard it before…

It costs so much more to gain a new client than keep an existing one.

Jump on the phone today. We’d love you to meet some of your previous clients again very soon.

Because we all know that… Your Client Matters

Cheers from the YCM marketing team

Is it hype or REALITY?

We recently read an article that commenced with: Recent industry research claimed 18% of brokers didn’t settle a loan in the last 6 months…

It’s disappointing to see negative headlines in the broker industry. How can that be motivating for hard working brokers? Is it hype or reality?

At YCM our goal is to help make YOUR reality being part of the 82% that ARE regularly settling loans! Make sure you read on…

Broker numbers are growing, saturation is coming, share of broker written loans is falling…

18% of brokers didn’t settle a loan in the last 6 months – they are either passive, dormant or under-performing.

17 per cent of the broker population settled less than $2 million of new home loans during the half year1.

Seriously, how much can we bear?

We all know that negative headlines bring great readership, but does it inspire or de-motivate?

When I read all the negative media hype my response is usually – how is that helpful?

One broker may look at the article and think it’s time to get out of the industry before it all gets too hard…

While another may look at the article and statistics and say ‘well that’s not going to be me!’ and they start thinking about what they can do to avoid being part of these statistics.

When I read this research I think ‘How great is it to be a broker right now!’

More than 80% of brokers are settling loans, and over 80% are settling more than $2 million per month. No wonder people are flocking to the industry. While more than 50% of loans are now settled by brokers, it still leaves a lot of room for brokers to take business from the banks.

Even so, most brokers we speak to on a daily basis are still looking for that next deal. What surprises us most is while some are exploring and investing in digital marketing, SEO and paying for leads, they seem to forget about the little gold mine of leads they already have sitting in their database.

Remember every single one of your existing clients all know someone in a 12 month period who needs a loan who they could refer to YOU!

You just need some great referral strategies to extract them from your clients.

1. Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Industry Intelligence Service (IIS)



If you would like to learn how YCM teaches brokers how to extract referrals from YOUR client base, re-engage YOUR older clients to come back to you AND build significant, qualified volume leads from your referral partners, then join the YCM team on your PC for this month’s webinar.

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As Rachel Hunter in the Pantene shampoo ad will tell you… “It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen.”

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