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Are you an MP or an MMS?

Are you an MP or an MMS?

Everyone WANTS their business to be successful. And many of us KNOW what we need to do. But… How many of us actually do it? Well… That ultimately depends on whether you are an MP or an MMS. Your daily habits can make ALL the difference to your success. So which one are you?

Is that a useful Belief?

We recently heard a great presentation that turns the concept of positive thinking on its ear.

Read the article to find out more.

Need a marketing miracle?

As a marketing company our biggest challenge is for our potential new customers to see the benefit of using and investing in our services.

Read the article for more long term successful tips.

Do it right or not at all!

We all want the results - but most of us are not prepared to do the work to achieve the results. Unfortunately, the majority of brokers are looking for a quick fix and end up spending seriously lots of money on marketing promises that are too good to be true. In this issue we break down the marketing mix and take a look at the results.

Read the full article and get the cold hard facts.

Build a bigger, better business after Christmas

Have a great break and we look forward to bringing you many more valuable marketing tips in 2017!
Because after all... Your Marketing and Your Clients Matter
NOTE: The YCM office will be closed for the holiday period from 5.30pm Wednesday 21 December until 9am Tuesday 10 January.

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