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Is it hype or REALITY?

We recently read an article that commenced with: Recent industry research claimed 18% of brokers didn't settle a loan in the last 6 months...

It's disappointing to see negative headlines in the broker industry. How can that be motivating for hard working brokers? Is it hype or reality?

At YCM our goal is to help make YOUR reality being part of the 82% that ARE regularly settling loans! Make sure you read on...

Instant marketing gratification..

We take short cuts to success and then wonder why it doesn’t work.

Read the article for more online and digital marketing tips.

Overnight success - It just takes time!

You would have probably seen over the last few weeks that my very good friend Andrew Krauksts has relaunched his Facebook training program. No – this is not another plug for his course. Instead I’d like to share with you his journey of overnight success.

LinkedIn is not Facebook

With social media continuing to be the topic of marketing conversation, Deena thought she would share with you her tips for using your personal LinkedIn account.

How to get more Facebook shares

Deena attended a social media conference last year and was actually quite embarrassed to realise she had failed to recognise the value of this tool for so long. The slide that really captured her attention was: "Over 50% of the world's population is under 30 years old". Deena turned from a Facebook avoider to a Facebook fan. To get you started, here's 11 tips on 'How to get more Facebook shares'.