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Need a marketing miracle?

As a marketing company our biggest challenge is for our potential new customers to see the benefit of using and investing in our services.

Read the article for more long term successful tips.

Marketing is NOT advertising

I speak to many brokers across Australia each week and it is amazing their ‘perception’ of what they believe marketing to be.

Tips from top brokers

Deena conducts and attends workshops and various events around Australia on a regular basis. Naturally she meets a broad cross section of credit advisors – ranging from those at the top of their game to others that seemingly struggle to grow and prosper.

So why do some prosper while others don't? What do successful people do differently to others?
This month Deena is sharing some of the fundamental strategies employed by two incredibly successful credit advisors who were on the panel that day.

The Marketing debate

Marketing IS NOT advertising. Marketing is a two way open communication system that educates your customers so they understand why they need your services - services they may not have previously considered, or have delayed because of a lack of knowledge or 'trigger event' to encourage them to take action now.

Client education

In the world of finance, it is easy to assume our clients know what they need and when they need it. It is easier to believe clients will call when they need you, than it is for you to pick up the phone and tell them - "it's time for you to get a new loan". What if clients do not know they need you?