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Is it hype or REALITY?

We recently read an article that commenced with: Recent industry research claimed 18% of brokers didn't settle a loan in the last 6 months...

It's disappointing to see negative headlines in the broker industry. How can that be motivating for hard working brokers? Is it hype or reality?

At YCM our goal is to help make YOUR reality being part of the 82% that ARE regularly settling loans! Make sure you read on...

49% of consumers found their broker by referral… yet you are still missing out on referral business?

Most brokers claim 99% of their business comes from WOM (word of mouth). However our broker research also reveals that typically only 5% of your clients ACTUALLY refer to you (or around 10% for those brokers with a good client communication program).

That means 95% are NOT referring.

Just because you give them a sausage don’t expect a loan!

The barbecue stand is an ideal place to meet lots of people! After all, who doesn’t love a sausage sandwich?

But where does it go from there? Well often... .nowhere.

You may have put in a lot of hard work but just because you’ve given them a sausage don’t expect a loan! You also have to do the ‘right’ things.

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