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Are you an MP or an MMS?

Take this short quiz to find out.

An MP is a business owner who:

  • Puts things off until tomorrow
  • Puts administration before lead generation
  • Subscribes to everything, but does nothing afterwards
  • Prefers to pay for leads
  • Avoids conversations with new people
  • Is pessimistic
  • Waits for business to come to them
  • Doesn’t block out time for marketing, networking and improving their business
  • Has to do everything himself
  • Is a Marketing Procrastinator (MP)
An MMS is a business owner who:

  • Takes action immediately
  • Adds everyone to their database
  • Has a marketing and client communication program AND uses it
  • Prefers to learn how to generate their own leads
  • Loves chatting with new people
  • Loves putting themselves out there
  • Is optimistic
  • Is always looking for new ways to generate leads
  • Understands that allocating time to work ON the business is the only true way to seek real business freedom
  • Invests in others with better skills than himself
  • Is a Marketing Mover and Shaker (MMS)

Less than 5% take action!

How many more workshops, webinars and educational events do you need to go to BEFORE you start to implement any of these ideas?

If you’re like me, you have an Inbox full of GREAT ideas – found in all those newsletters you are GOING to read… later.

We don’t have an information problem…
We have an implementation problem

We are all too busy to STOP and do what it takes to get ahead of our Inbox, our business and simply make things happen.

The Wikipedia definition of procrastination is:
'the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute".'

As I sit here at the 11th hour writing this BLOG tonight,
I totally understand the habit of procrastination.

After working with mortgage brokers for the last 13 years, I totally understand the habit of procrastination.

'I’ll start next month Deena…'

However, I do ensure the one thing that is the MOST important in business is ALWAYS carried out, every month - AND on time.

And that is…

To stay in touch with your clients… your potential clients… AND your referral partners.

I know – it’s not rocket science, but it DOES work.

So why do we procrastinate with our marketing, when we know it will bring us more clients?

By staying in touch, we can help them improve their financial position. They will also benefit from interest savings/investments AND you will benefit from more settlements and earn more money.

What on earth is more pleasurable that that? (Don't answer that one.)

Most brokers we speak to are looking for more leads.

There is a great way of doing this.

Speak to more people. Put them on your database. Communicate with them regularly.

So I encourage you to take action now. Don't be an MP (Marketing Procrastinator). Become an MMS (Marketing Mover and Shaker).

I’ll leave you with this thought for the month…

The definition of implementation is:
'the execution of a plan or idea'.

Half of 2017 has nearly disappeared already. Can you afford NOT to start taking action?

Take action and start implementing your great ideas.

If you are not sure what marketing activities you SHOULD be doing, feel free to reach out for a marketing evaluation of your business today by calling 02 9526 9999 or connect with us by clicking here.

By the way, if you haven’t quite mastered the skill of generating high volume qualified leads from your accountant yet, we recommend you jump on and register for this month’s webinar.

But it’s only for MMSs who like to implement.

Hope to see you there.

After all…

Your Marketing Matters.

Like to know more?
Then call our team of the best finance industry marketing specialists on 02 9526 9999 to book a FREE marketing appraisal of your business. Or you can email us with any questions at

When you allow us the opportunity to provide an overview of what works and show you the results of our brokers who invest their time to learn, plan and implement our proven and recommended strategies you will be able to determine if we can help you or not.

As Rachel Hunter in the Pantene shampoo ad will tell you... “It won't happen overnight – but it will happen.”

We are excited to be talking with you soon.

Your YCM Marketing team

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