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Need a marketing miracle?

No doubt you have clients waiting to refinance, buy their next property or invest in their first property and we all know that the longer THEY delay, the longer they are delaying their future financial success.

Your Client Matters is actually not that dissimilar to you and your business.

As a marketing company our biggest challenge is for our potential new customers to see the benefit of using and investing in our services - NOW, not later - because the longer you delay making a decision to communicate and engage or re-engage with your clients, the longer you are delaying YOUR FUTURE INCOME.

So is it the chicken and the egg syndrome?
Or are we just scared to bite the bullet and make a go of it as best we can? You and your clients?

I’ve been in sales and marketing AND the property and finance industry for over 20 years now.
It has been my experience that people only take action when one of two things occur:

  1. The pain of not doing it is greater than continuing the way it is (fear based motivation)

  2. OR

  3. The pleasure of doing it outweighs the pain of continuing the way it is (vision based motivation).
Most of us have probably experienced this at least once in our lifetime when we've joined the gym...

When you DID finally decide to join the gym, was it based on the fear that you were:
  • gaining too much weight?
  • becoming too unfit?
  • not fitting into your new clothes?
  • being a bad role model to your family?
  • turning up to your school reunion carrying too many additional kilos?

When you DID finally decide to join the gym, was it based on:
  • how good you will look when you lose that weight?
  • how nice it will be to fit back into your old clothes?
  • how great you will feel to climb a set of stairs without puffing at the top?
  • how proud you will be to show your family that you can commit to a healthy lifestyle?
  • how good you will look and feel at that reunion?
Apparently most of us (about 80%) make decisions based on the fear of not achieving something, not having something or missing out on something.

Like your clients for instance - many may only take action when:
  • their friend has a better loan than them,
  • others are investing in property and they are not,
  • they have finally maxed out their credit cards and can’t get any more extensions...
That’s when they decide to DO something (usually never earlier) AND then they expect you to deliver a finance miracle!

We all know that it is always in your clients' best interest to:
  • consolidate their debt before the banks won’t even look at them
  • invest now before the property boom or they’ll miss out
  • get their finances and planning sorted BEFORE starting a family or changing jobs
  • refinancing BEFORE interest rates start to go up...
But as I said, I’m guessing MOST of your clients leave it to the last minute and THEN expect miracles from you. Am I close?

This also happens to us at YCM…
We find that when business is good and you’re travelling along nicely, marketing doesn’t seem to be such an important part of your business. In fact you are probably not even reading this...

So this is what typically happens:
  • Business starts to drop off,
  • you realise you haven’t been in touch with your clients, and
  • you start to get concerned and worried that you will miss out on existing business.
Amongst your clients you may typically find most re-finance every 2-3 years, some probably have enough equity to buy an investment property, or others may get themselves completely out of control with debt. And if you are NOT communicating with them and letting them know you are still here for them - whatever their current need - then guess what happens? They go straight back to the bank you put them in a few years ago. And we wonder why our trail is reducing...

AND THEN you expect marketing miracles from us!

So what is the solution?

Did you know you can kill two birds with one stone?

WHEN you invest in the YCM marketing program, YCM will (on your behalf):
  • re-engage with your clients
  • research and prepare your client communication
  • help you maintain that trail income, and
  • tap into that enormous uncapped potential within your client base

YCM does the marketing to your clients AND we train and educate YOU on long term successful lead generation, client communication and marketing strategies THAT WORK!

BUT ACT now.

If you wait until you’ve run out of money or when the phone stops ringing – it is usually too late.

You have probably heard that ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’. Well...

NOW is your opportunity.
YCM will help you prepare
YOU will become ‘the lucky one’.

If you wait any longer, another year will have passed and the opportunity will be delayed… yet again.

We hope to hear from you soon so that together we can plan and prepare a lucky financial future for both YOU and YOUR CLIENTS.

Call the YCM team on 02 9526 9999 today to secure your marketing exploration call in the next 3 weeks.

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