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Do it right or not at all!

We all want the results - but most of us are not prepared to do the work to achieve the results. Unfortunately, the majority of brokers are looking for a quick fix and end up spending seriously lots of money on marketing promises that are too good to be true. In this issue we break down the marketing mix and take a look at the results.

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What is the No.1 marketing activity that ALL brokers and business owners should implement?

I am wondering how many of you have done the work and activity that you planned and hoped for to get your business really humming for the first half of this year? For some motivation for you, I thought I should share a story about one of our newest brokers, Jodi in WA, who is also very new to our industry.

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Building your database – Over 30 different ways

The biggest challenge, whether you are new to the industry OR have been here for years like us, is that MOST (no not all) are guilty of NOT putting everyone they know on their client communication program (that’s your newsletter service) and are also guilty of not adding to your list each week/month/quarter.

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Networking for success and results

Would you believe it if I told you I LOATHE networking?
Yes, Deena Janes, marketing specialist, presenter extraordinaire DOES NOT like networking!

I completely understand when I hear and see brokers in the networking space and observe them doing it all wrong.
Why? Because I’ve been there! And I've mastered it!

The young diamonds of the industry

Deena's interview with ‘young gun’ Carl Violeta, What can we ‘veterans’ of the industry learn from our new colleagues?