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Getting ready for 2017!

You know it as well as we do that time is flying so fast that it feels like only 12 weeks since last Christmas. Where has this year gone? We are all busier than ever, working harder for no extra money and there is never enough time to implement all those great ideas you have been planning to do all year. And now it's over!

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Just because you give them a sausage don’t expect a loan!

The barbecue stand is an ideal place to meet lots of people! After all, who doesn’t love a sausage sandwich?

But where does it go from there? Well often... .nowhere.

You may have put in a lot of hard work but just because you’ve given them a sausage don’t expect a loan! You also have to do the ‘right’ things.

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Networking for success and results

Would you believe it if I told you I LOATHE networking?
Yes, Deena Janes, marketing specialist, presenter extraordinaire DOES NOT like networking!

I completely understand when I hear and see brokers in the networking space and observe them doing it all wrong.
Why? Because I’ve been there! And I've mastered it!

The hidden marketing secret - PS: SMS

Most of us do some form of marketing. Whether it be direct mail, email or social media. All of these have different results. One of the most powerful marketing tools we have sits in our pockets or handbags all day every day and it is the most underutilised method of marketing.
Yes – it’s our SMART PHONE

How to turn sponsorship from 'brand awareness' to 'buckets of money'

Have you invested time and money in sponsorship with little return on your investment?
But if your efforts are not generating the leads you would like, we can help you change that...