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Digital disruption and the wake of marketing confusion

DIGITAL DISRUPTION. It’s the new marketing buzz word! Do you know what it means? In our experience the digital disruption hype has simply left many in the industry confused about HOW they should be communicating with their clients. Are you confused?

Then you NEED to read this article.

The hidden marketing secret - PS: SMS

Most of us do some form of marketing. Whether it be direct mail, email or social media. All of these have different results. One of the most powerful marketing tools we have sits in our pockets or handbags all day every day and it is the most underutilised method of marketing.
Yes – it’s our SMART PHONE

Paper vs email marketing

We are bombarded with so much marketing on a day to day basis that it is hard to be effective and stand out from the crowd.
Working in the 'marketing' industry for over eight years, it has been interesting to see the development of electronic marketing and its uptake by businesses due to the small cost of email compared to paper. However, I'm a firm believer that there is still a place for paper based marketing.