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We don't have an information problem...

We don't have an information problem... we have an implementation problem
We all know what needs to be done, but we just don't find the time to do it. Why do we procrastinate with our marketing, when we know it will bring us more clients. We all know what needs to be done, but we just don't find the time to do it.

The timing challenge...

One of our very successful marketing partners, Colin Lamb from Mortgage Solutions Australia AND MPA's top broker of 2013, mentioned one of his biggest challenges last year was trying to find the right time to add a new person to his business team. A challenge I imagine for many of you is the struggle with the work/life balance and then the tough decision to go backwards in income for a short period of time to progress forward. So what is the solution?

Same old New Year?

If you're like most of us you were way too busy towards the end of the year to even consider planning for 2014. So this month I thought the best thing I can help you with are a few top tips for business owners.

What's in it for them

I've always believed and followed the philosophy that you need to give first before you receive. That's exactly what the finance industry does. As mortgage brokers in a commission only world you give freely of your time helping people with their finance solutions with no promise of a financial return on your investment of time.

Spam rules

Email marketing is a great tool for communicating with customers and driving business growth. But, as more brokers look to market their businesses online it's also useful to know the rules surrounding internet marketing.