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Client education - the key to writing more loans

In the world of finance, it is easy to assume our clients know what they need and when they need it.
It is easier to believe clients will call when they need you than it is for you to pick up the phone and tell them - "it's time for you to get a new loan".

Do you have an exit strategy or a succession plan?

One of the first things to put in place when you start a business is an exit strategy. It doesn’t mean that you have to sell, but it means you can if you need to or want to at a later time.

Marketing is NOT advertising

I speak to many brokers across Australia each week and it is amazing their ‘perception’ of what they believe marketing to be.

How to turn sponsorship from 'brand awareness' to 'buckets of money'

Have you invested time and money in sponsorship with little return on your investment?
But if your efforts are not generating the leads you would like, we can help you change that...

Our last blog for 2014

Happy holidays from the all of us here at YCM.