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The hidden marketing secret - PS: SMS

Most of us do some form of marketing. Whether it be direct mail, email or social media. All of these have different results. One of the most powerful marketing tools we have sits in our pockets or handbags all day every day and it is the most underutilised method of marketing.
Yes – it’s our SMART PHONE

Overnight success - It just takes time!

You would have probably seen over the last few weeks that my very good friend Andrew Krauksts has relaunched his Facebook training program. No – this is not another plug for his course. Instead I’d like to share with you his journey of overnight success.

Myth buster - Business is booming - so I don't need marketing

when I started with Your Client Matters there were 20,000 mortgage brokers in the industry. A few years after the GFC it dropped to around 10,000.
I am pretty certain that we have seen the best couple of years since the GFC and the good times are about to decline. If you want to believe the media…

How to get attention and engagement from your clients

It’s interesting that we business owners still want the cheap and easy way to communicate and educate our clients!

Working with real estate agents

I’ve recently been doing the rounds of open homes on weekends with my husband and wanted to share my experience with the brokers I’ve encountered at the various open home inspections.