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Just because you give them a sausage don’t expect a loan!

The barbecue stand is an ideal place to meet lots of people! After all, who doesn’t love a sausage sandwich?

But where does it go from there? Well often... .nowhere.

You may have put in a lot of hard work but just because you’ve given them a sausage don’t expect a loan! You also have to do the ‘right’ things.

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Networking for success and results

Would you believe it if I told you I LOATHE networking?
Yes, Deena Janes, marketing specialist, presenter extraordinaire DOES NOT like networking!

I completely understand when I hear and see brokers in the networking space and observe them doing it all wrong.
Why? Because I’ve been there! And I've mastered it!

The young diamonds of the industry

Deena's interview with ‘young gun’ Carl Violeta, What can we ‘veterans’ of the industry learn from our new colleagues?

Shine bright like a diamond and let’s ‘get engaged’ this year

Let’s explore the 4Cs of marketing with Linda Abela – YOUR Opportunity Specialist.

The 12 days of marketing

We thought we would end the year on a fun note so... Please take the time to listen to our jingle (Deena wrote it - we KNOW you will enjoy it!)