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What is the No.1 marketing activity that ALL brokers and business owners should implement?

I am wondering how many of you have done the work and activity that you planned and hoped for to get your business really humming for the first half of this year? For some motivation for you, I thought I should share a story about one of our newest brokers, Jodi in WA, who is also very new to our industry.

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Do you have an accountant referral strategy that REALLY works?

It’s tax time! If you don’t already have an alliance with an accountant there is no better time to seek the right accounting partner(s) as a referral partner.

However, finding a good accountant is just the beginning - it doesn’t stop there!

Of course, you will be hoping for a constant flow of leads but...
Have you ever considered what's in it for the accountant?

Are you a Marketing Procrastinator?

So how do we create more lead opportunities for ourselves?

Through marketing of course - but you knew that didn’t you?

Then why do we procrastinate with our marketing when we know it will bring us more clients? Or bring back our existing clients who we haven’t seen for a few years?

Building your database – Over 30 different ways

The biggest challenge, whether you are new to the industry OR have been here for years like us, is that MOST (no not all) are guilty of NOT putting everyone they know on their client communication program (that’s your newsletter service) and are also guilty of not adding to your list each week/month/quarter.

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Digital disruption and the wake of marketing confusion

DIGITAL DISRUPTION. It’s the new marketing buzz word! Do you know what it means? In our experience the digital disruption hype has simply left many in the industry confused about HOW they should be communicating with their clients. Are you confused?

Then you NEED to read this article.