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How to maximise your results

Can you believe it's only '10 weeks until Christmas'? I can't either. We've had a great year at YCM, however on reflection I think we can all look at our results and see what we could have done better.

Are you like your clients?

It's interesting how life sometimes reflects itself on us. Like your clients who suffer hardship, it usually occurs as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Like your clients - if you leave it too long before you ask for help, then sometimes it is too late.

Your ageing database may be the end of you

As your database ages, your trail income will decline as your clients reach the end of their working life and plan on paying out the family home. So if your exit plan is, say in the next 10 years, and your clients are on average aged between 45 and 60 now, they will be 55 to 70 in 10 years time.

Discovering your database…

One of the biggest reasons business owners delay communicating with their clients is because of the state of their database. Our intention is always good and we all get busy but, if you knew HOW MUCH delaying this one activity was costing, would you do something about it?

Tips & Tricks – Referral strategies that work…

It’s very interesting this notion of referral strategies. As I travel the country presenting to mortgage brokers I find one common theme… We all rely 100% on referrals to sustain our business but many businesses have a very small percentage of their clients actually referring to them.