“The difference between a client and a friend of your business is your ability to create a personal bond and communication strategy to strengthen and secure that relationship”
- Deena Janes

What our clients say

Leanne Flood

Marketing Coordinator at Iden Group

"We love dealing with Deena and the YCM team. They are very personable and always willing to assist. Deena always ensures the highest quality when it comes to delivering service and the end product. Thank you Deena for making my marketing position so much easier!"

Albert Waldron

Awesome Lending Solutions & Home Loans

"I have know Deena for over 7 years and seen many of her very professional presentations on how to improve the marketing of your business but have not been in a position to take advantage of her offering . Six months ago finally being in the decision maker position I was able to take advantage of the program and since then we haven't looked back."

Barry Lynam

Owner, Barry Lynam Home Loans and Financial Services

"I have worked with Deena and her company Your Client Matters(YCM) for past 10 years , Deena has provided excellent marketing support for may business through various channels and this has enabled me to have regular contact with my clients with the minimum of fuss. Deena and her team are always supportive and display professionalism with the product they offer. I have no hesitation in recommending YCM as a marketing tool for any mortgage business."

Mark Patterson

State Manager (Asset Finance) WA, Broker & Agency Sales, at Commomwealth Bank Of Australia

"I have worked with Deena for several years, having been introduced to her through the commercial broking industry. Through her business, Your Client Matters, she has provided services to many commercial brokers, with marketing programs and mentorship, previously only enjoyed in the larger residential home loan broking market. Her passion and enthusiasm is evident in all that she does, including her presentations which are both thought provoking and challenging. At the end of the day, I would strongly recommend Deena to any of my clients (brokers) who were looking for a cost effective, focused and proven way of marketing to their client base, and which delivers results"

Tony Harris

Co-Founder and Chairman Crowd Money Pty Ltd

"The Mortgage and Finance industry is blessed in having Deena bring so much commitment,energy and enthusiasm to our profession through her company YCM.Deena has given so much of her time to the MFAA and is passionate about helping brokers in their customer service proposition. I wish the industry had more like Deena!"

Mick McClure

Managing Director - Buyer's Choice Home Loan Advisory Service

"Deena (Your Client Matters) is a passionate service provider for the Mortgage Broking community. Her business provides great, cost effective news magazine and website services for our large group. She is a great speaker on customer service and the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships."

David Gill

Chief Executive Officer at Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia (CAFBA)

"Deena has provided excellent marketing services to our Association and its members. Deena recently was a guest speaker at our nationally held Professional Development Days, and the content and delivery was excellent and well received, and have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Phoebe Blamey

Inspiring wealth creation strategies at Clover Financial Solutions

"Deena and the team have changed my business. They have added a professionalism and relationship retention that I would not have had time to achieve on my own. Their ideas and assistance with implementation have helped my business double in size since I brought them on in 2010."

Stephen Dinte

Principal Planner at Australian Mortgage Planners

"Deena and her team are the people you want to help you get that extra lift for your business. The newsletters they send to your clients will ensure you stay front of mind which means repeat business. Couple this with the fantastic competitions that give you sometime to speak to your clients about, and you get great value for your money. One or two additional loans each year is all it takes to cover the cost of this invaluable service. If you haven't already tried this I heartily recommend you do."

David Monahan

Owner, Eastern Financial Solutions Pty Ltd

" Deena and the team at Your Client Matters has provided marketing support to Eastern Financial Solutions for a number of years. This support extends to publications, seminars and marketing support. All programs have proven extremely valuable in retaining existing clients. Additionally their program has been instrumental in attracting new clients to EFS."

Calvin Penrose

Owner, Loanwriters

"Deena is constantly looking for ways to add value to her clients to enable them to improve their business. Professionalism and quality is important to Deena and this is exemplified in the high standard of product and services she offers."

Graeme Northcott

Chief Executive at Cumberland Finance Group

"Deena Janes is a highly outgoing and personable professional. She always presents well and is a very motivating speaker whether via Webinar or in face to face forums. The quality of the marketing she delivers is first rate, and provides tools to assist in marketing, and deliver information, in well presented formats. This leaves us more time on client engagement."

Rhion Bennett

Director at West-Corp Finance Pty Ltd

" I only have good things to say about Deena and her team. From my perspective as a finance professional, I cant see why you wouldn't use her services. With the high grade of work and output consistently being generated, I'd imagine that my company will maintain a lengthy professional relationship with YCM."