Marketing Team

We create a team environment of responsibility, accountability and initiative, aiming to deliver beyond the traditional expectations of “great customer service”. We believe that business should be fun, educational, challenging and profitable.

Managing Director

Deena Janes
T: (02) 9526 9999
Joining Your Client Matters in September 2004 as the Director of Sales, Deena has taken the company to the top of the industry. She is invited as a guest speaker to many aggregation professional development days and is highly regarded in the mortgage industry.


General Manager and CFO

Marty Janes
T: (02) 9526 9999
Marty is responsible for the creation and implementation of the business strategy and overall management / operations of the business. Marty is currently driving a number of operational improvements in the business to improve the partner experience and their results from our programs.

Operations Manager

Rhonda Black
T: (02) 9526 9991
Rhonda is “the rock” of YCM. Responsible for the day to day operations of the YCM business, Rhonda ensures we keep things ticking over to meet our many and varied production schedules. From article development to final delivery and everything in between, Rhonda has a broad knowledge of many areas of the YCM business.


Finance Manager

Donna Lewis
T: (02) 9526 9993
Donna is our incredibly talented Finance Manager. Dotting all the “i’s” and crossing all the “t’s” Donna handles all invoice and payment enquiries. If you need any assistance in this area please contact Donna.

PA & Sales Support

Lucy Giardini
T: (02) 9526 9997
Lucy is the great 'organiser' of YCM. In the absence of other staff members Lucy can either help you directly or guide you in the right direction. Lucy works closely in support of both our client acquisition team and partner support. She is also Deena's Personal Assistant. If you need any general information on the YCM marketing programs or to find a spot in Deena's diary, Lucy will be able to assist you.

Sales Specialist – Finance Matters

Janice Dipayan-Chen
T: (02) 9526 9987
Janice is passionate about offering a high level of customer service and is always ready to talk to you about your company and your marketing requirements. Janice is your first point of contact if you are interested in exploring the Finance Matters marketing program.

Marketing Support

Jodie Morgan
T: (02) 9526 9992
Jodie is your regular touch point with YCM. As your Marketing Support she can help to tailor the YCM marketing program to your specific business needs and goals. She will work with you to teach you our proven marketing strategies and ensure a return on your investment with us.

Partner Support

Judy Stafford
T: (02) 9526 9999
Judy is our partner point of contact. Judy can solve almost all your administrative or technical questions that you may have about the YCM marketing program. Always a pleasure to deal with, Judy excels at customer service and systems for improvement.


Darren Weir
T: (02) 9526 9995
Darren is our technical expert and in-house software developer. He is responsible for improving YCM IT systems and the delivery of our products and services.

Graphic Designer - Production

Gary Hunter
T: (02) 9526 9989
Gary is the creative genius behind our Finance Matters magazine. He has an amazing ability to make anything look fantastic and can help you design your artwork to make your magazine personal and special for you and your clients.

Graphic Designer - Finance

Daniel Radovich
T: (02) 9526 9996
Daniel is our talented young gun, creating our monthly marketing campaigns plus our 'Your Marketing Matters' marketing tips each month. With his mind on new trends, Daniel makes sure he is up to date with the latest technology to bring to our clients.