RBA update and Monthly marketing campaign

A systemised pre-prepared ready to implement monthly marketing campaign designed to get your phone to ring, educate your clients, get your clients to think… and call…

Who has the time to sit down and create a targeted marketing piece every month designed not only to educate your clients, but also for them to pick up the phone and call you?

With Your Finance Matters marketing program you will receive EVERY MONTH a graphically designed marketing piece with email text and instructions included ready to send directly to your client base.

We even provide fact sheets and other pieces ready for you to send out when the enquiry comes in. Why not book an appointment with them when they call?

Every month we target a different segment of your database ensuring all segments are covered at least 3 times over a 12 month period.

RBA update email

  • MMC February
    MMC February

  • MMC January
    MMC January

  • MMC December
    MMC December

  • MMC November
    MMC November

  • MMC October
    MMC October

  • MMC September
    MMC September

  • MMC August
    MMC August

  • MMC July
    MMC July

  • MMC June
    MMC June

  • MMC May
    MMC May

  • MMC April
    MMC April

  • MMC March
    MMC March